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Jiangsu Wuhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.-Zhongzhichengcheng Anti-epidemic Situation


New coronaviruses, human-to-human transmission, droplets, contact, airborne infections... These shocking words have made everyone "snail dwell" at home. When no longer going out, a group of people are going retrograde fighting in the epidemic. First line! He (she) are all party members, cadres employees of Jiangsu Wuhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

On January 18, the company established a leading group for the prevention control of new coronaviruses. Comrade Pan Yunping, chairman of the company, served as the team leader. He said: "There is nothing terrible. As a Communist, if you are afraid, aren't the workers even more afraid? As long as you scientifically prevent control, there is nothing terrible. You have the confidence ability to overcome this epidemic." Time is life. After the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, the company's party branch attached great importance to the prevention control work, actively mobilized deployment, quickly acted to find out, strictly followed the requirements of the central government, provinces, cities to fully implement the epidemic prevention control work. Under the leadership of Comrade Pan Yunping, chairman of the company, the company's party members all employees are united to fight the epidemic. One is to strengthen the company's self-control protection.


All employees of the company measure body temperature three times a day, promptly distribute masks for employees require that they do enter the factory area without wearing masks. Foreigners must first register measure their body temperature to ensure that everything is normal before entering the company. The environment of the plant area should be cleaned disinfected three times a day. The second is to work overtime to produce various types of disinfectants to provide protection for the disinfection of epidemic areas. In order to respond positively to the national, provincial municipal calls instructions regarding the prevention control of coronavirus epidemics, the company has been working overtime to produce various types of disinfectants since the Spring Festival to ensure the supply of epidemic areas. According to the latest statistics: January 24 to February 6, nearly 300 tons of various disinfectants were delivered to the epidemic area surrounding areas. The company was listed by the Xuzhou Municipal Government as a designated production enterprise for major epidemic disinfection products in Xuzhou. the year before to the present, Comrade Pan Yunping, the chairman of the company, has never eaten on time, has slept peacefully, even has to rely on drugs to treat his waist disease every day. Since the outbreak, he has been rushing to the front line of prevention control, conducting prevention control commands, optimizing the details of prevention control, so that prevention control work can be eliminated dead ends. He is 62 years old this year has a waist disorder. In this case, he has been working for nearly 20 consecutive days. How can the spirit state of work like him inspire us.

"I volunteer to fight against the epidemic!" The words of volunteers of the Party branch of the company moved everyone. On January 22, the company's party branch issued an initiative. The party branch should play the role of a battle fortress, the party members should play a vanguard exemplary role to fully enter the emergency state of combating the epidemic do a good job in the prevention control of the epidemic. All party members activists of the company responded quickly took the initiative to undertake the assigned tasks.

They carry out epidemic prevention control work at village prevention control points, road crossings, community unit entrances, persuade the people around them to come to the door, to gather, to eat together, to wear masks, to wash their hands, to ventilate, to spread rumors, to believe, to prevent science control.

In the face of the epidemic, we will shrink back, but will rush forward in the face of difficulties. They used their original mission to inspire morale, used obscurity unselfish dedication to maintain the safety of the people...

"I am a party member, I will go first." Party members volunteers Zhang Ping Hou Fengqiang responded decisively. With the help of party members, all employees were full of passion. "We must also donate to the epidemic area in Wuhan!" Yan Sulan, deputy general manager of the company, Zhang Chengyan, an activist who joined the party, Pan Dawei, actively donated.

A branch is a battle fortress, a party member is a banner. Party members taking the lead are good examples. At present, the party members of the company's party branches are twisted into a rope, struggling on the front line of prevention control, determined to win the epidemic prevention control sniper war with practical actions, defend the solemn commitment of a Communist Party member with their own actual actions!