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What are the advantages of medical disposable hand sanitizer?


At this stage, no-hand sanitizers are increasingly appearing in our daily lives. Many people also like to bring a bottle with them when traveling. However, there are still many people who have concerns: is medical disposable hand sanitizer okay? Let's take a look at the difference between disposable hand sanitizer washed hand sanitizer.


Four functions of medical disposable hand sanitizer:

1. Water-free hand-washing: application, easy to use; water-free washing, you can clean your hands anytime, anywhere

2. Continuous effect: the actual effect has a long delay time, the actual effect is sustainable for 4-5 hours, up to 6 hours

3. Gentle skin care: It has the ability to manipulate the oxidative stress level of the arm, the medical disposable hand-free disinfection gel is introduced to avoid skin damage hand protection, can nourish care the arm skin.

4. Virus killing sterilization: The virus is inactivated by the disease prevention monitoring center, the killing rate is 99.99%.

Two types of basic ingredients are contained in the no-handwash disinfectant:

1. Substance with disinfection effect. It has a killing effect on pathogenic microorganisms, including edible fungi viral infections.

2. Substance with skin care effect. The simplest representative no-clean hand sanitizer formulation is 75% ethanol plus 2% medical glycerin. Alcohol can disinfect sterilize, glycerin moisturizing skin care, you can make your own. The sterilization rate of no-clean hand sanitizer reaches 99.99%, which is of great help to health.