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What are the three major functions of hands-free disinfection?


Speaking of the knowledge about no-hand sanitizer, I believe everyone is new to it, its application is applied to everyone every household. So what functions can its application have? Let’s take a look at it below.


I. Anti-bacterial disinfection function: The pesticide-bactericide bactericide DP-300 manufactured selected is a non-positive surfactant. Its advantages: 1. Avoid the corrosion of skin caused by germs. 2. No environmental pollution. 3. Toxicological experiments confirmed that it belongs to no subacute diffuse chemical substances, has no irritating effect on the skin eyes. 4. DP-300 has a powerful effect on eliminating suppressing gram-positive bacteria positive (negative) bacteria bacteria. 5. After application, it can adhere to the surface layer of the skin for a long time to fully exert its effect, is irritating to the skin. 6. Resistant to acid, alkali solvent.

Second, the function of cleaning the skin: the basic principle of hand-washing liquid compounding with surfactants. The hand-washing disinfection gel introduction is considered the aspects of cleaning, foaming, mildness, etc., so it is compounded with cations, non-positive ions, zwitterions. clean the skin.

Three, moisturizing skin care function: plus pure natural moisturizing factor NMF. Its moisturizing capacity is 4-5 times that of glycerin. only lasts for long-term moisturization, but also fully reduces the degreasing power of the surfactant stimulates the skin. After use, the skin is clean refreshing, soft greasy, has enhanced metabolism of epidermal cells. .

The above is an overview of the characteristics of Wuxi disposable hand sanitizer. If you want to learn more, you can also contact the editor.