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Establish faith with sincerity, establish reputation with quality

Core values: Guangsi, Guangmou, broad, broad, broad profit

Business purpose: provide a platform for entrepreneurs, create benefits for partners,  realize value for successful people

Business philosophy: Take sales as the leader, market-oriented, customers as partners, quality as the guarantee, innovation for development

Corporate Vision: To be a pioneer in the industry  create a hundred years of flowers

Corporate mission: To grow a large enterprise  repay the society

Enterprise goals: To shape first-class talents, build first-class management, build China's first-class brand,  create world-renowned brands

Strategic policy: Continuously innovate the integrated development of "production, learning  research", be a legal  compliant enterprise,  strive to be a pioneer of the times

Entrepreneurship: Be honest  do things practically. Never give up  keep improving. Struggle  strive for excellence

Development strategy: Based on the original industry, deepen scientific research  innovation,  take the road of diversified  sustainable development

Management philosophy: strengthen process, scientific management, continuous improvement, surpass oneself

Quality awareness: non-conforming products are  accepted, non-conforming products are  manufactured,  non-conforming products are  delivered

Service tenet: customer first, customer first

Employment strategy: Talented  virtuous

Talented  talented

Talented  unrestricted use

Talentless  virtuous

Environmental protection concept: Run a green enterprise, make green products, leave green mountains  green water for future generations

Safety concept: prevention first, safety first, alarm bell