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How to disinfect the hands of medical disposable hand sanitizer


With the development trend of the period, many people currently attach great importance to their own health hygiene. Many people use no-hand sanitizer for disinfection. So how do ordinary people carry out disinfection at home? Below, the editor of the brand of disposable hand sanitizer will introduce it to everyone.


How to disinfect your hands

1. You can use soap to wash disinfect your hands at home. Turn on the faucet wash your hands soaked first, then put on soap rub your hands. Wash for about two three minutes.

2. You can also prepare a bottle of iodophor in advance at home. If you are injured, wipe it with iodophor it can be completely disinfected.

3. Ordinary alcohol can also assist in disinfection. If the medical disposable hand sanitizer does have alcohol medical equipment at home, you can temporarily use the pure grain wine that you drink at home, which also has alcohol rubbing ingredients, can also be used for alcohol disinfection. Use it, why try it, but applying alcohol can cause pain.

In daily life, you should prepare a small medicine cabinet at home. The indispensable inside is the disinfectant. For example, the most common one is iodophor, fewer people use alcohol. Because alcohol will feel painful, actual Every day before after meals, it is necessary to wash sterilize hands, especially if there are children at home, children must develop good habits that pay attention to hygiene.