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Can disposable hand sanitizer be brought on the plane


Can disposable hand sanitizer be taken on the plane? This is a matter that many people are very concerned about. Next, I will introduce you to the alcohol-free hand sanitizer, hoping to help everyone.


At present, the disinfection sterilization ingredients of the no-hand sanitizer on the market are mainly alcohol, which is classified as an alcoholic liquid. Whether you can carry an airplane depends on the alcohol content in the liquid.

Disposable hand sanitizers with alcohol content >70% are allowed to be hauled carried around.

Disposable hand sanitizer with alcohol content ≤70% cannot be carried around, but it can be hauled in retail packaging (a bottle of no more than 500 ml).

Because of the strict requirements on passengers on the aircraft, many sterilization supplies cannot be carried. It is proposed that according to the safety inspection regulations, carry only a small amount of small hand-free disinfectant with alcohol, disinfectant wipes cotton pads applied by yourself.