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The truth about the no-handwash disinfectant


What is the truth about hand sanitizer? Don't worry, today, the alcohol disposable hand sanitizer manufacturers will introduce you.


The Truth about Disposable Hand Sanitizer 1. Why disinfectant hand sanitizer gets dirty

After applying disinfectant hand sanitizer, many people always have a situation. They always feel that the hands are clean, the hands still feel very greasy. In fact, this belongs to all normal conditions can be washed with tap water for a while.

Another situation is that after applying disinfectant hand sanitizer, the hands will become more more dry. After application, you can apply a moisturizer.

The truth of no-handwash disinfectant, the same effect of diluted handwash

Many companies, restaurants other areas are using the hand sanitizer to dilute the water, mainly to control costs. However, such a method will greatly affect the sterilization sterilization ability of the disinfectant hand sanitizer, adding water will continue to promote other germs.

The Truth of No-Hand Sanitizer III. No-Hand Sanitizer can be consumed for a long time

No-hand sanitizers include no-hand sanitizers, which are more common in hospital outpatient areas.

Some people also choose to use disposable hand sanitizers for simplicity. In fact, they are mainly used for emergency purposes. Long-term use of leave-on hand sanitizer will accelerate the decline of the skin on the hands make the hands more more dry smooth.

In daily life, it is recommended to use fluid water to wash hands disinfect.

It is necessary to have a certain understanding of the facts of disinfecting hand sanitizer to prevent the misconception of hand sanitization let the hand have more more germs.