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Precautions for using disposable hand sanitizer


What should you pay attention to when applying medical disinfectant hand sanitizer? Next, the manufacturers of medical disposable hand sanitizer will introduce to you.


The application of disposable hand sanitizer must pay attention to the following three problems:

1. Prevent ingestion

Earlier, there were reports in the media that there was a problem that children accidentally consumed alcohol-free hand sanitizer. For young children, they are full of childlike innocence, don't underestimate their ability to search for work, it is clear when parents try to take a sip without paying attention. Some babies have the habit of eating baby's hands. If the baby does evaporate alcohol, the baby's hands will cause ingestion.

Therefore, when you have alcohol-free disposable hand sanitizer at home apply alcohol-free disposable hand sanitizer to young children, you need to be very careful to prevent children eating by mistake wait for the alcohol to evaporate before letting them eat.

There are also benzalkonium chloride in non-alcoholic disposable hand sanitizers that do have volatiles. The residual benzalkonium chloride in the hands is eaten by children will cause negative effects.

2. Fire prevention

Fire safety units have reminded that when applying all alcohol-containing objects, it is necessary to put an end to open flames avoid fire accidents. Some people have conducted ignition tests with general hand sanitizers alcohol-based hand-washing liquids. As a result, flames appeared immediately above the hand-washing liquids.

Therefore, alcohol-based disposable hand sanitizers must eliminate open flames. There are also alcohol-based hand-washing liquids that do have to be placed in the car. Due to the intense heat in summer, the temperature in the car continues to rise, it will also cause a fire accident.

3. Use with caution in those with skin allergies

In addition, some people are allergic to benzalkonium chloride skin, which will cause allergies allergic dermatitis after application; some people are allergic to alcohol skin, which will cause skin astringency itching after application. Problems such as skin eczema skin allergies. Therefore, children susceptible to allergic symptoms should be cautious to use disposable hand sanitizer.