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What is the principle of Xuzhou disposable hand gel?


What is the principle of the hand-free gel? This is a matter that many small partners are more concerned about. Then, the manufacturer of the hand-free gel will introduce it to everyone in detail. Come on!


The main bactericidal component of the leave-on gel is ethanol. If there is actual antibacterial effect, there will be other antibacterial agents. The most common ones are triclosan, pcmx, chlorhexidine, some guanidine compounds .

The content of antimicrobial agents is generally a few hundredths of a percent, at most two three percent, the national standards also have clear requirements for the content of various antimicrobial agents. The vast majority of the gel is all ethanol water, some will add moisturizers such as glycerin, vitamin E, etc., use carbomer to turn the solution into a gel, the fluidity becomes poor, it is convenient to use. The concentration of carbomer is basically in the range of 0.2%-0.5%. Cosmetics also often use this additive.

On the whole, when you apply a leave-on gel, after sterilization, ethanol sterilizes then quickly volatilizes, leaving a bacteriostatic agent to inhibit the growth of bacteriostasis. Glycerin Vitamin E moisturize the skin of the hands.

Through the above introduction, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the principle of hand-free gel. If you are also interested in medical hand-free disinfection gel, you can also consult the editor. The editor will introduce you one by one.