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Work together to fight against the epidemic-Jiangsu Wuhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is in action


The epidemic is life, prevention control is the responsibility. At the time of the epidemic, labor models at all levels in Xinyi City have taken the vanguard banner bravely shouldered heavy burdens dedicated love. Guided by the spirit of the model workers, we will work hard on the front line of epidemic prevention control, express their support for the epidemic with actual actions!


On February 10, Yan Wulan, a model worker of Jiangsu Wuhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., donated 100 boxes of disinfectants to the Xinyi Economic Development Zone 30 boxes of disinfectants to the People’s Government of Caoqiao Town to support the epidemic prevention control of Xinyi City.

"At present, the country is in trouble. As a model worker, it is my responsibility to play the role of pioneer model. When the country is in trouble, do my best to support the frontline workers of the anti-epidemic effort to work as soon as possible. Overcome the epidemic!" Yan Sulan said the original intention of donation donation.

Comrade Yan Sulan always paid attention to the epidemic. After the outbreak of pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus, she closely followed the development of the epidemic TV Internet, saw tens of thousands of party members gather on the front line, charge on the front line, see Xinyi At the scene before the medical team went to Hubei for the People’s Hospital of Beijing, she was very moved encouraged, donated money materials. She said to all the employees of the company: "We must learn these heroes pay tribute! Although we cannot go to the epidemic area for The country works, but we must work overtime to produce high-quality disinfectants to ensure the need for disinfection in epidemic areas." Under her leadership, all employees of the company are united to fight the epidemic. One is to strengthen the company's self-control protection. All employees of the company measure body temperature three times a day, promptly distribute masks for employees require that they do enter the factory area without wearing masks. Foreigners must first register measure their body temperature to ensure that everything is normal before entering the company.

The environment of the plant area should be cleaned disinfected three times a day. The second is to work overtime to produce various types of disinfectants to provide protection for the disinfection of epidemic areas. In order to respond positively to the national, provincial municipal calls instructions regarding the prevention control of coronavirus epidemics, the company has been working overtime to produce various types of disinfectants since the Spring Festival to ensure the supply of epidemic areas. According to statistics: January 24 to February 14, nearly 500 tons of various disinfectants were delivered to the epidemic area surrounding areas. The company was listed by the Xuzhou Municipal Government as a designated production enterprise for major epidemic disinfection products in Xuzhou.

the year before to the present, Comrade Yan Sulan has never eaten on time has never slept well. Since the outbreak, she has been rushing to the front line of prevention control, has optimized the details of prevention control, so that prevention control work can be eliminated. Like her work spirit status, she has been working for nearly 20 days. her, we have seen the responsibility responsibility of a model worker, also the care love of a senior executive for the front-line personnel of the prevention control. People are affectionate all people are united. The union of Jiangsu Wuhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. calls on all employees to continue to carry forward the spirit of model worker labor, to unite as one, to overcome the difficulties, to jointly win this epidemic prevention control sniper war!



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