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Heart-warming enterprises donate materials fight together for the epidemic


"You are fighting on the front line, I am behind to support", the epidemic situation is terrible, but the heart is warmer! At the critical moment of fighting the epidemic, supplies such as disinfectants are in short supply. Since February of this year, Jiangsu Wuhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has donated 686 boxes of disinfectant to the relevant units, with a total value of 219,000 yuan, to help prevent control the epidemic situation in Xinyi City.江苏五花药业有限公司

Box by box of materials is the responsibility love of the donating enterprise, it also demonstrates the great love of the person in charge of the enterprise who is selflessly devoted sharing difficulties together. This batch of high-concentration disinfectants has a good sterilization function is an indispensable anti-epidemic material for streets public places. In the face of the tight supply of disinfectant liquids, the company has increased its horsepower to ensure production while also ensuring the supply of disinfection materials all relevant units.



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